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Downloads: 144616
File size: 7.60MB
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
License: Open Source
Azureus is a Java-based BitTorrent client, with support for I2P and Tor anonymous communication protocols.

Azureus Change Log
New Features:

Core | Make default recheck behaviour after crash only check pieces active at last save point plus config to revert to old behaviour of checking everything
Core | Attempt to repair invalid port #s returned from trackers potentially improving outgoing connection success rate
UI | Allow some selection of split data/protocol stats in some views


Core | Improved payload data vs. protocol overhead byte accounting
Core | Remove option to truncate files when setting to do-not-download as too many users confused by this
Core | Pick up alerts raised during closedown and give user chance to see them
Core | Improved optimistic disconnect algorithm in several ways - should speed up single seed torrents
Core | Only remove temp files created by Azureus in the "tmp" dir as some users placing files in there
Core | Resumed downloads now placed into queued state rather than started
Core | Improved magnet download potential
Plug | Added vendor id to DHT packets and increased version appropriately
Plug | Warn if UPnP port removal is slow as this can hang AZ closedown
UI | Add NAT Test item to OSX "Azureus" menu
UI | Filter-as-you-type is now more visible
UI | "Show In Explorer" on a Folder now opens to show what's in the folder
UI | Mr. Slidey formats URLs to clickable links
UI | Language Selection on first visible screen after initial installation
UI | Reduced the # of windows popping up at once on first run after installation

Corrected bugs:

Core | Ensure SO_REUSEADDR is set when binding during NAT test
Core | Retain data from terribly slow senders
Core | Fixed a case of potentially becoming uninterested in peers incorrectly
Core | Prevent infinite recursion and breakage of some file systems when moving torrent's data into a folder inside itself
Core | Improve fingerprint performance of shares
Core | Prevent reporting of double completion events to tracker under some circumstances
Core | Ensure DNS timeouts are set as early as possible as they weren't working
Core | Change per-torrent max peers so that values shown correctly in UI and also allow unlimited override
Core | Fix bug in crypto stream that could lead to corruption
Core | Strip unwanted attributes from imported torrents such as "file name"
Core | Ignore invalid Vivaldi coords that are too small
Core | Default to trivial url in torrent if it is missing
Core | Fix initialisation sequence problem that was causing startup errors if config corrupt
Core | Apply correct permissions when updated to Windows prog dir to fix multi-user problems on update
Core | Downloads stopped during seeding recheck sometimes came back as 99.x% complete
Core | Fix up timers on clock change to ensure announce and scrape work ok (amongst others)
Plug | Column dispose listener wasn't being called when there was no cell dispose listener
UI | Fixed window size/position not always being saved
UI | Fix default language: Use same language from diff. country when user's lang/country doesn't exist
UI | Fixed new table rows getting last graphic cell's image
UI | Column sort is now case-insensitive (again) for text columns
UI | Fix number display Seeds2Peer column (when radio is really small)
UI | Fixed Drag and Drop. Should work in Windows and Linux.
UI | Mr. Slidey no longer slides from (on slide-in) or onto (on slide-out) a different monitor

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