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Downloads: 715505
File size: 8.39MB
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
License: Open Source
Azureus is a Java-based BitTorrent client, with support for I2P and Tor anonymous communication protocols.

Azureus Change Log
- FEATURE: Core | Reduced CPU usage, especially in some unusual conditions [MjrTom]
- FEATURE: Core | Explicit local subnet and peer injection option for Lan Peer Finder [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | Auto upload speed [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | DND completion handled better [Parg,TuxPaper]
- FEATURE: Core | Added option for per-torrent max upload speed when upload busy [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | Ranges allowed for port listing to ignore peers from. [TuxPaper]
- FEATURE: Core | Added option to move completed download on removal [amc1]
- FEATURE: Core | Signed updates for increased security [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | UDP fallback on connection fail [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | Support for initial crypto tracker spec [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | Faster queued torrent startup [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | Option to disable tracker support for full-scrape [Parg]
- FEATURE: Core | Added ability to rename the directory save name for a multi-file torrent [amc1]
- FEATURE: UI | File pieces shown in files view [Parg]
- FEATURE: UI | Ability to best guess folder you want to save torrent data to based on existing torrents [TuxPaper]
- FEATURE: UI | Filter for Config Options [TuxPaper]
- FEATURE: UI | "Help -> Generate Debug Info" to help us solve bugs [TuxPaper]
- FEATURE: UI | Ability to customise the speed intervals for download / upload speed menus [amc1]
- FEATURE: UI | Ability to rename the displayed title of a download [amc1]
- FEATURE: UI | "date added", "idle up", "idle down", "req in", "req out" colmns added to MyTorrents [Parg]
- FEATURE: UI | manual file recheck order [Parg]
- FEATURE: UI | Option to remember passwords [Parg]
- FEATURE: UI | OSX: Open .torrent files into Azureus via Finder/Desktop/etc [TuxPaper]
- FEATURE: UI | Option to send popup message when download of a torrent (or individual file) has completed [amc1]
- FEATURE: UI | Ability to change behaviour of popups: auto-hide behaviour and adding timestamp to messages [amc1]
- FEATURE: UI | Torrent-info panel added to show MyTorrent's column attributes in a single place. Torrent encoding moved from General tab to here [Parg]
- FEATURE: UI | Progress warning to user when long file operations in progress that would otherwise hang the UI [Parg]
- FEATURE: Plug | Simple NAT-PMP implementation [Marc Colosimo]
- CHANGE: Core | Reduced starting many pieces instead of completing current ones [MjrTom]
- CHANGE: Core | Further modifications to optimistic disconnect algorithm [MjrTom]
- CHANGE: Core | Longer scrape delays: [TuxPaper]
- - 1 hr min for torrents in stopped state
- - 2 hrs min for torrents in error state
- - 3 hrs min when tracker sends no torrent info (no hash error)
- - As per usual, flags->min_request_interval will override next scrape time
- CHANGE: Core | Asynchronous existing torrent loading at startup (makes startup feel faster) [TuxPaper]
- CHANGE: Core | Disk read cache disabled by default [Parg]
- CHANGE: Core | Better detection of unix OSes (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc) and custom ports that do not conform to our install structure [TuxPaper,Parg]
- CHANGE: UI | More time periods in folder-rescan list [Parg]
- CHANGE: UI | Option to hide toolbar [TuxPaper]
- CHANGE: UI | Option to disable program icon for name column (may speed up OSX users) [TuxPaper]
- CHANGE: Plug | Use UPnP to read external IP address if possible [Parg]
- BUGFIX: Core | Fix for pieces not completing due to too many snubbed peers [MjrTom]
- BUGFIX: Core | Better handling of invalid peer/seed count from tracker [TuxPaper]
- BUGFIX: Core | ed2k hash wrong on block boundaries [Parg]
- BUGFIX: Core | upload slot default now applied correctly (was fixed at torrent add time) [Parg]
- BUGFIX: Core | Various seeding rules fixes, mostly related to Seed:Peer ratio, 1st Priority, or 'None' ranking mode [TuxPaper]
- BUGFIX: UI | speed graphics failing on high speeds [Parg]
- BUGFIX: UI | Per-torrent options view now synced with global defaults and has "reset" button [Parg]
- BUGFIX: UI | Slide-in alert message not closeable (GTK+ users) [TuxPaper]

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